‘Unapologetic” by SEC is a podcast started in the academic year 2020/2021 by members of the Academic Committee.

In the current academic year, the 34th Board of SEC has decided to take a step further and make Unapologetic into a committee, so that more time and budget will be spent on it. Currently, it is the largest committee, with over 13 members.

What is ‘Unapologetic’?
Unapologetic is a podcast which aims to bridge sociological imagination and pop culture. Trying to make sense of every day concepts using a sociological perspective, we make the complex easier.

In the first season, we had monthly episodes, where we explored gender & sexuality, connecting it to the media, common myths and much more.
In season two, we delve in more specific topics, and discuss the video gaming industry, cultural appropriation, and science fiction. In season two, episodes are biweekly, alternating between longer episodes and interviews.

Would you like to listen to unapologetic? You can listen to the podcast here.
Would you like to collaborate or contact the Team? unapologetic.sec@gmail.com