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Hello hello!

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your education free week and took some time to relax and have fun if you had the chance. We took a week off from the board, but we’re back to organize new events for you!

In already the 9th newsletter, you can find the plans for the rest of May, news from SEC and of course ‘Piet in de Pauze’ to know what’s on Pieter’s mind.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

OUT NOW – Unapologetic episode 4!
The fourth episode of Unapologetic the podcast is out now! They, the Academic Activities Committee, changed up the topic from ‘gender’ to ‘sexuality’, so they will be exploring the world of sexuality from a sociological perspective! This episode is about the different meanings that a “gay identity” can have, its relation to capitalism and the consequences that this identity brought to the LGBTQ+ committee.

Listen on Soundcloud or Spotify!

Spotify link to the podcast
Representation lecture
The lecture by Dr. Andrea Meuzelaar on “Covering Islam in the Netherlands: a History of the Representation of Muslims on Dutch Television” was so interesting! Thanks to the Academic Activities Committee for organizing this and of course to Dr. Meuzelaar.
Emotional First Aid lecture
Dr. Guy Winch gave a short lecture about emotional first aid in the UvA health week. In the Q&A session Dr. Winch talked with students and staff about the importance of mental hygiene, coping with failure and loneliness in times of Covid-19. Why do we learn to brush our teeth two times a day for two minutes, but is there so little knowledge on how to keep our brain healthy with small everyday practices? 
LOS pubquiz
 What a successful event! It was fun to see so many Sociology students from different places. Unfortunately, SEC did not win a prize, but it was nice! It felt good to get to brag a bit that we claimed ‘’ as our website ;). 
Career event
We all left the Career Event feeling inspired and a bit less lost than before! The panels and speakers were very interesting, and gave us an array of experiences in the labour market to learn from. From practical matters like interviews and CVs, to work values and acceptance of rejection, we talked about it all. All in all, a great learning experience!
FMG party
How cool was this! I really missed dancing to music from a live DJ. The silent disco system with the headphones worked perfectly and it was cool to see all other groups have fun on the Zoom. Thank you FMG party committee!
Kingsday event
The king’s birthday is always a good excuse to have some fun, especially when you can do it in real life. While I could not be there myself, I heard positive stories on the Westerpark and of course flunky ball which is becoming a SEC classic by now I think. 
Murder Mystery
This concept must have been one of the most fun events to do online! We all got in character and worked together (or screwed each other over) to try and find the murderer. I learned that nothing is what it seems and that you should never pay Victor $100 for information.. Hopefully we get to do this again, but maybe in real life then!
(International) Discussion Event: Policing Around The World

The Academic Activities Committee knows just how much sociology students love a good discussion, that’s why this month we’ll be having a discussion event!
The theme will be “Policing around the World”. The committee will guide the discussion with some conversation starters, potential questions and other interesting points. The aim is to have a discussion, which including perspectives from different countries, can be a good learning experience for everyone. As always, SEC academic events are based on learning, respect and understanding so we will be happy to listen to all participants, whilst staying respectful of each other’s opinions.
Join us on the 27th of May at 19:30 on Zoom!

Zoom link!
We are trying to organize physical borrels again, so this might be happening in May already! Keep an eye on our socials to see if, when, how and where this is happening! 
Piet in de Pauze
Piet in de Pauze (Piet in the break) is where our treasurer Pieter can empty his heart every month! This month he will be talking about starting a new block.
While enjoying the last week off we’ll get before the last exam week of this term, I’ve run into a phenomenon that seems to have popped up in my social circle during the previous lockdowns. As a Dutch citizen, I’ve been fulfilling my civic duty by drinking beer on terraces at 12 AM, whatever the circumstances. Now that it’s possible to (legally) meet with friends again, I’ve tried reconnecting with people I haven’t seen as much as I ought to. At nearly half the nights I’ve spent drinking socialising  somebody would eventually bring up their trading app and suddenly start talking about the recent surge in Bitcoin, and whether they should invest their growing student loans into a cryptocurrency based on a meme dog.

I think Simmel missed one essential type when thinking of the respective social types; the crypto preacher has become a common fixture of life in the 21st century and should therefore be given the attention it deserves. The crypto preacher seems to be the modern equivalent of a vampire. They only appear when the circumstances are just right, ready to strike and grow their congregation. They represent a church that pretends to print money. Their congregation is misled by sermons filled with showy, colourful graphs with lots of numbers that seem to mean things. This evangelist is tenacious and will not give up if you try ignore them. They will keep bringing it up until you give in, and finally buy some bitcoin.

So, naturally I did. While giving myself the excuse that I was using this as a way of engaging in ethnographic research among a newly found phenomenon. My father has always told me that trading shares is just a fancy way of gambling and that I shouldn’t trust anybody who pretends to know what’s going on. With this advice in mind, I was baptized into the church of cryptology and spent €100,- of my beloved loans from Uncle Duo on 0,002 Bitcoin. I have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into, but if I suddenly start talking about some weird crypto bullshit to you at two in the morning, you know to end the conversation and avoid me until I’m sober and broke again.
Did you know that Etherium has spiked in the last twelve hours and has been on aa steady rise for the past month?
P. P.S.
While it should be obvious at this point, I do not know what I’m talking about and this is not financial advice. Only invest what you can afford to lose, and maybe do something more productive with your time than the bullshit that I’ve gotten myself into.

Goodbye my loverssss <3

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