Nieuwsbrief #8

Your monthly update

Hello hello!

Happy Easter/a happy beginning of the spring! With the sun out we were finally able to organize an in real life event again and we look forward to hosting more events for you!
In this newsletter, you can find out how you can apply to be part of the new board, our events this month, and of course Piet in de Pauze!

Hope you enjoy it <3

Looking for the new board
Our hunt for the new board is not over yet, so you still have a chance to apply! Doing a board year is a lot of fun, it looks good on your CV and you get to meet a lot of the new members. You can apply for a specific function (chair, secretary, treasurer, study coordinator or social coordinator) or for the board in general! 

You can apply by sending in your CV and a motivation letter to before April 30th 23:59!
If you still have questions send us a dm on Instagram/Facebook or send a text to one of the board members!

UvA health week 
The UvA health week is coming up again, it will take place in the week of April 12th to April 17th. Because of this we took part in organizing a lecture on mental health and a silent disco (covid proof)! You can read more about these events in this newsletter. There are many other activities to improve your mental and physical health this week, you can find them on the UvA website! 
Link to UvA health week page
OUT NOW – Unapologetic episode 3!
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Do you advocate for every woman’s rights? Although these questions might sound obvious, in this episode we explore the complicated issue of women hating women. Debating common cultural tropes, polemic authors and amazing movies we analyse how patriarchy has made its way to the feminist ranks, trying to defeat us from within. Listen to the episode to get a better understanding of what internalised misogyny and intersectional feminism are!

Listen on Soundcloud or Spotify!

Beer tasting
Either you guys like beers, discounts, or a fun night (or all three), but the beer tasting was a big success! Drinking the same thing while on Zoom really makes you feel connected. A big thank you to the Borrel Committee for organizing this event!
The Bechdel game
As some of you might have expected the Social Network is not the most woman friendly movie, but the event was still nice and we had a good discussion! Thanks to the Academic Activities Committee. 
FMG congress
The FMG congress is an annual classic, so it was good to see it still happening unless everything that’s happening. The lectures were interesting and everyone’s hard work really paid off! 
board info moment
Thanks to everybody who came and showed their interest in doing a board year! We hope we gave you enough information to make your decision. If you still have questions or couldn’t attend but still want the info, hit us up on social media/WhatsApp!
Cooking with SEC
I think that everybody who joined is still thinking about the guy with the bowl of ice, the gas burner and the tuna. If you didn’t attend you really missed out, the show was really nice and everyone’s food looked reeeeal good. 
Easter walk
It was so nice to see everybody in real life again! The External Activities Committee worked really hard to organize a safe and fun day in the park for you. Hopefully, everybody enjoyed their day, their beer/snacks and of course the Dutch games.
Representation lecture
Remember the lecture by dr. Andrea Meuzelaar that we had to reschedule? We found a new date: April 8th at 15:00 on Zoom! In “Covering Islam in the Netherlands: A History of the Representation of Muslims on Dutch Television” she will talk about her dissertation “Seeing through the Archival Prism. A History of the Representation of Muslims on Dutch Television”.
Emotional first aid lecture
Dr. Guy Winch, a licenced psychologist, will give us a 15 minute lecture with 30 minutes interaction, to talk about mental health, how to deal with mental health issues and take care of emotional health as you do about your physical health. Dr. Guy Winch believes we need to practice emotional hygiene with the same diligence with which we practice personal and dental hygiene. Especially in these difficult times it is important to talk about and to know how to take care of your mental health. This lecture will take place on April 12th at 14:00 via Zoom. To join you can sign up via this link:
Link to sign up
Did you know that SEC is in contact with all other Sociology study associations in the Netherlands? All of these associations together organized the LOS (landelijk overleg Sociologie) pubquiz! Sign up to show the Netherlands that Amsterdam (UvA Amsterdam to be exact) is boss and win a prize! If you want to be there on April 12th at 20:00 with your team (via teams/Zoom), make sure to sign up by clicking the link below!
Link to sign up
Career event
Are you still looking for some inspiration on what to do after Sociology? We got you! On April 13th at 15:00 the UvA College and Graduate School of Social Sciences is hosting a career event organized by multiple associations. You can attend panels and workshops. For more information you can go to the facebook link!
Facebook event
FMG party
During the UvA Health Week, the Fv-FMG will have a huge online party for all UvA students and staff! The eight study associations of our faculty have been working together to make a memorable night on April 14th at 21:00. The live stream will be hosted by PALET (known from the Claire and Paradiso). Get a party box with silent disco headphones, a receiver, snacks, goodies, drinks, and more for 4 people! Get your party box with this link! 
Link to party box
On Friday 23rd of April the Borrel Comittee will be organizing a scavenger hunt to get you into the orange spirit before Kings Day! Prepare for a fun afternoon searching through the city and battling against other groups, who will win and take the prize home? Keep an eye on our socials to know how and when you can sign up!
Piet in de Pauze
Piet in de Pauze (Piet in the break) is where our treasurer Pieter can empty his heart every month! This month he will be talking about starting a new block.
Spring has come with a bit of a equivocal feeling. Last week we organised our first physical event in over six months. During that event, I spent a lot of time talking to eager members who were curious about application procedures for next years board. (Also; last week it was 25 degrees and there is a snowstorm outside of my window as I type this)

Just over a year ago our prime minister opened what would become a year filled with press conferences, zoom meetings and finding out just how annoying my roommates can be, with this. That Night, events with more 100 guests where supposed to be cancelled to limit the spread of the virus. Seeing how our serious our prime minister seemed to be, we didn’t think much of it and went to a house party with a lot of people cramped in very small student apartment (and a pretty cool blues band you should checkout) which I cannot seem to fully remember for reasons that will not be spoken about.

Now that the last months of this term have arrived it can be hard not to sound a little bitter. The idea of our successors getting to do everything that we had to cancel is one that is not easy to stomach. But now that we’ve survived most things that the virus has been able to throw at us, it’s time to get back on our feet. I hope to see you all in person as we will be able to organise more physical meetings within the corona measures. And I promise I won’t be too nosy to whoever ends up becoming the treasurer in the 34th board of SEC. (Whoever you are, you’d better not fuck up though, I’ll still be in the KasCo)

*This vacancy is only for Dutch speaking people

Leren Voor de Toekomst zoekt examentrainers!

Om meteen met de deur in huis te vallen, wij, van Leren voor de
Toekomst, gaan een einde maken aan kansenongelijkheid in het onderwijs.
Onze missie is; betaalbaar aanvullend onderwijs voor ieder kind bieden.
Huiswerkbegeleiding en bijles is normaliter alleen weggelegd voor
kinderen uit welvarendere gezinnen. Met Leren voor de Toekomst proberen
wij een einde te maken aan dit stigma. MAAR Dit kunnen wij niet alleen!
Wij zijn altijd opzoek naar jong-professionals die samen met ons het
verschil willen maken. Heb je altijd al kinderen willen helpen met hun
huis en leerwerk of weet je van jezelf dat je kinderen kan motiveren om
zichzelf te blijven ontwikkelen, meld je dan bij ons als
Goodbye my loverssss <3

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