Nieuwsbrief #6

Semester 2 is here!

Time flies, semester 2 is already here! Hopefully everybody survived statistics, got their books and is ready for a new block aaand of course a new month of SEC events!
We have a career related event, a general members’ meeting and some fun borrels for you in store. Of course it’s Valentines day in two weeks, so the classic Valentines Borrel will make a return! You will also find a very sociologically relevant vacancy (only in Dutch), an update on the sweaters and the podcast and of course the colums (Piet in de Pauze!!) in this newsletter.

Hopefully you enjoy reading it!

Member sweater 2020/2021
Another update on the sweater! We ordered the sweaters this week, when we get them we will get in contact with the people who ordered one to discuss how we’ll get it to you.
Stay patient and we’ll be in touch!
Unapologetic; the Sociology Podcast

In the last newsletter we already announced it, but this Thursday the Academic Activities Committee will release the first episode of the Sociology Podcast, Unapologetic! If you want to listen to it as soon as it comes out, make sure to follow SEC (@sociologisch_epicentrum) or the Podcast (@unapologetic.sec).

New year’s borrel
To have the new year’s borrel on Zoom was a quite a different experience than other years. No hugs after not seeing everybody for two weeks, no getting each other beers and most importantly no bitterballen paid by SEC. But it was still a fun night and good to see each other again!
SEC on the beach
Nothing is better than something presented by Lil Vic and Big Pete, so of course SEC on the beach was a lot of fun. We learned some Austrian drinking games and listened to some German and Dutch classics, we love a cultural exchange!
Documentary night
The Study Tripped hosted the Documentary Night. We watched the movie ‘Winter on Fire’ about protests in Ukraine. The film itself was very heavy to watch, but the discussions and conversations afterwards were very interesting. Thanks to everyone who joined and who shared their thoughts! 
Minor event
A lot of people came to the Minor Event! We hope it was useful to you and that you feel more prepared finding a minor than we did. Big thanks to the lovely third years who came by to tell about their experience! If you every have more questions about minors, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we will try to help you!
Bicker & borrel
We know how you sociologists like to share your opinion, so that is exactly what we will do on Tuesday February 2nd at 20:00! The External Activities Committee prepared some very interesting topics to discuss about. There will be serious and very relevant topics, but to keep the mood light (it’s still a borrel after all) we will also have fun topics and games! If you want to give your opinion on the board, make sure to click the button below.. We will discuss the results! 
Board form <3
Valentines borrel
A SEC classic again, the Valentines Borrel! Get ready for meeting the love of your life or a great new friend, because we will be speeddating!! To make sure we are in the mood for some socializing, we will make a valentines cocktail. To make sure you know who to hit on, you can show your relationship status by wearing black (taken), red (single) or white (it’s complicated)! We will meet you on Zoom on Thursday February 11th at 20:00. 
Event with CBS
(Sorry, this event will be completely in Dutch)
16 Februari, 15:00, is het zover! Het Centraal Bureau Statistiek zal ons een interactieve presentatie geven over de invloed van de Coronacrisis op het dagelijkse leven in Nederland! CBS is een betrouwbaar en bekend bureau voor statistiek waar ook sociologen aan het werk kunnen, benieuwd naar de opties? Kom dan naar het online evenement, we zullen de Zoomlink delen op onze Instagram en Facebook! Tot dan!
General Members’ Meeting + Kahoot Borrel
It’s the second semester, so it’s time for the half yearly General Members’ Meeting! Here the board will reflect on their activities from the past half year and will tell you all about what we’ll be doing this upcoming half year. Next to our plans there will also be a very important announcement from the board. You can find everything we will discuss on our website tomorrow! The GMM will start at 19:00 on February 18th! After the GMM the Academic Activities Committee will host a Kahoot borrel for you! Soo, stay up to date and get your knowledge tested and come 🙂
Piet in de Pauze

Piet in de Pauze (Piet in the break) is where our treasurer Pieter can empty his heart every month! This month he will be talking about starting a new block.

WhatsApp group chats are a dangerous place. A lazy question can turn into a heated argument within a few messages. Snarky students and the always super clear communication of the UvA makes for a lot of confused questions and passive aggressive answers. While I’m only a part of the WhatsApp group for third years, I imagine that this also goes on in the years below us. Every time I’ve heard people complain that their assignment had suddenly vanished, their laptop crashed or their project disappeared into thin air and where in need of extra time, I’ve thought to myself ‘That’s their own fault, you should be able to save a file and keep track of it if you’ve made it to university.’ I’ve always thought that I was in the category that was able to see through the confusing bureaucratic mess that makes up our beloved university, and therefore it should come as no surprise that I have finally dropped the ball myself: it’s unday evening, and the 3000 words I worked so hard on for the past week have suddenly disappeared. The deadline is Wednesday 23:59.

Aside from a lesson in humility, which I sorely needed if I look back at some of the things I’ve said, it has also shown me that I am not as tech-savvy as I thought I was. After the initial shock of coming back to an empty file where my shitty nine pages words had been just before I went off to dinner had worn off, I tried all the ways I knew to find my precious collection of words. Restarting my laptop, checking the bin and basically every other way google suggests to make lost files reappear. As my despair was starting to grow and after I had slowly debated offering my soul to the devil in exchange for a fully written paper on the municipality’s policy to reduce the shortage in teachers, I had to make a choice: was I going to try and finish this 5000 word monstrosity in 3 days, starting from scratch and probably make it a rushed mess? Or was I going to write my tutorial teacher and beg him for more time so I could make sure those words actually made some sense?

I still don’t know what caused it. Some friends see this as an opportunity to finally get me to get rid of the laptop that I got for my 17th birthday and am still using over five years later. Some put the blame on my girlfriends family, who where the only people in the room at the time of the incident. I think that what I chose to do in the end doesn’t really matter or interest you, but maybe we should all try to be a bit more helpful and less judging in those oh so friendly group chats in the future. Even tough it might not look like it, it can actually happen to everybody.

Gezellige vocabulary
We know that the word ‘gezellig’ in Dutch does not exist in English. We want to learn more of these words to expand our ‘gezellige vocabulaire’! Because we’re an international organization we would love to learn untranslatable words from your language. Send us an untranslatable word and it’s meaning in the dm’s or email it to me ( to share it with the rest of the association!
Gezellige vocabulary #4
For already the fourth Gezellige Vocabulary I found a word that I hope you will experience this month. It’s Valentines Day this month, so I think some of you will feel it then, but it’s also completely possible (and okay!!!) for you to feel this another day this month.  The word is “kilig”, it’s the Tagalog (that’s a Filipino language) word for “the feeling of butterflies in your stomach, usually when something romantic takes place”. If you have ever experienced this feeling, you know how good it feels! It’s a feeling that can be apart from romantic stuff, it can also occur when you do something really fun or are in a really good space with your friends. I hope you can find some “kilig” in these times of lockdown. If you cannot find it yourself, maybe try to make someone else feel “kilig”?
*This vacancy is only for Dutch speaking peopleLeren Voor de Toekomst zoekt examentrainers!

Om meteen met de deur in huis te vallen, wij, van Leren voor de
Toekomst, gaan een einde maken aan kansenongelijkheid in het onderwijs.
Onze missie is; betaalbaar aanvullend onderwijs voor ieder kind bieden.
Huiswerkbegeleiding en bijles is normaliter alleen weggelegd voor
kinderen uit welvarendere gezinnen. Met Leren voor de Toekomst proberen
wij een einde te maken aan dit stigma. MAAR Dit kunnen wij niet alleen!
Wij zijn altijd opzoek naar jong-professionals die samen met ons het
verschil willen maken. Heb je altijd al kinderen willen helpen met hun
huis en leerwerk of weet je van jezelf dat je kinderen kan motiveren om
zichzelf te blijven ontwikkelen, meld je dan bij ons als
Goodbye my loverssss <3

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