Nieuwsbrief #5

Your monthly update

Welcome to 2021!

Welcome back everyone. We hope you had a great time during the holidays and are ready to make 2021 a lot of fun with us!

In this newsletter we will be announcing something new and the winning design for the sweater (scroll to vote on a color)! Next to that of course all of the events from January, another Piet in de Pauze and a vacancy you might find interesting (for Dutch speakers).

We wish you all the best luck this month for your new years resolutions, the (hopefully) last weeks of this strict lockdown and your statistics course. If you ever need help with any of them, hit us up!

Book sale semester 2!
Semester 2 is already look around the corner, so that means it’s time for the book sale again. From January 8th you will be able to order your books again. We will post the link and a reminder on our social media’s! 
Member sweater 2020/2021
After a long discussion we finally chose the winning design for the Member Sweater! The winner is…. Ankie Klut, a first year student. We love her design and we think it really suits Sociology and 2020/2021!
This is the winning design:

But there’s another choice to make, and we want you to make it for us. What color do you want your sweater to be? You can choose between these colors.  Vote on our poll by clicking on the button below! You can vote until Tuesday the 12th January, the sweaters will go on sale on our website on Wednesday the 13th of January! The sweater will cost approximately €15, but it depends on how many we’ll sell. 

Vote now
Unapologetic; the Sociology Podcast
The Academic Activity Committee has been working very hard on something completely new. They’re releasing a podcast! In Unapologetic the committee will invite speakers to discuss all kinds of sociological topics. It will be like an academic activity that you can join whenever you feel like it! The podcast will be released at the end of January. More information will be posted on our socials.

Sinterklaas event
It already feels like a long time ago, but only last month the Study Trip Committee hosted their first event. It was very interesting to hear about the sociological perspective on Sinterklaas. Apparently eating the same pepernoten makes you feel very connected, even through Zoom!
Borrel with minigames
The week before the exams, we did some games to give you some distraction from all of the studying. We finally got the chance to play Jackbox, we really like it so stay tuned for more Jackbox games! Maybe you are able to get more points than Pieter and Victor, because I certainly cannot. 🙁 
DoMiBo (afternoon borrel)
Luckily we were able to see you right before everybody headed home (or to their bed in Amsterdam like me) at the DoMiBo! We chatted a lot and played some Jackbox again, it was fun. 
New year’s borrel 
It’s time to get back together and catch up about all of your experiences during the winterbreak. We will talk about everything we want for 2021 and look back on 2020 with a quiz about everything that happened (that’s not Corona related)!  We will see you tomorrow, 7/1, 19:30 on Zoom
SEC on the beach!
After the big succes of the first cocktail workshop, it’s time to do it again. Unfortunately we cannot meet you after, but we can still hangout! On 12/1 at 20:00 the one and only Lil Vic and Big Pete will make a return to show how to make a SEC on the beach and they will keep you company while drinking it (who doesn’t want that?). 
Documentary Night
After all of the statistics it must be nice to look at some visuals instead of numbers. That’s why we’re hosting a documentary night for you on the 21st of January at 20:00. Keep an eye out on our socials to see what documentary we will watch and to find the link!
Minor information moment
If you’re in the second (or first maybe) year, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to do in your third year. If you’re thinking about doing a minor you should definitely come to this minor information moment! We will tell you all about how to find a minor and apply for one. There will also be third year students to tell you about their experience with their minor. The event will take place on the 27th, 28th or 29th of January. We will share the final date on our social media! 
Piet in de Pauze

Piet in de Pauze (Piet in the break) is where our treasurer Pieter can empty his heart every month! This month he will be talking about starting a new block.

The start of a new semester or block usually starts the same way. After a period of not doing much of anything except trying to survive hangovers and trying to forget everything I was supposed to learn during the last exam week, I have the realization that this is the moment I’m going to turn it all around; instead of checking marktplaats for used guitar pedals and books during lectures and begging my classmates for summaries (Thanks Merle!) right after, I’ll read every damn text, pay attention at every lecture and make usable notes during it all. Finally all that wasted potential will come out and people will recognise me for the genius that I am.

And then when the first week actually starts that new found motivation generally doesn’t last longer than the first half of a lecture, or the abstract of an article about something I should be able to understand after three years of university education I give in, fall behind and start bullshitting my way through again.

Most people would chalk up my failed attempts at being a functioning adult to a lack of discipline; and they would be right. Normally I’d still have the excuse of saying it’s the ADD kicking in, and that looking at memes and videos of the Star Wars extended universe and the origins of Boba Fett for four hours in a row while my paper about Weber’s ideal from of the bureaucracy is still at 450 words and doesn’t make any sense, is totally out of my control. Nowadays I’ve got the fitting corona excuse of not being able to concentrate at home blablabla.

Being a spoiled white boy without ambition doesn’t exactly make you grow a spine or learn anything about having an actual work ethic. This process typically continues until I pass by the skin of my teeth with a few resits for good measure and the next break or holiday begins.

I’ve written enough sappy bullshit in previous newsletters saying that it’s okay to fuck up and make a mistake every now and then, so I won’t bore you with a Disney-style speech. It does, however, seem to be a recurring theme in these columns, which might say more about my personality than I’d like. Generally, this whole, process comes with a feeling of failing and a liberal dose of imposter syndrome.

And yet, I’m still here; after being sure I wouldn’t get my BSA, after understanding nothing at all about French Structuralism and after flunking my way through Evolution of Humankind by picking answers at random, maybe I’m actually doing something right.

Or maybe just make sure to have friends who share their summaries.

Gezellige vocabulary
We know that the word ‘gezellig’ in Dutch does not exist in English. We want to learn more of these words to expand our ‘gezellige vocabulaire’! Because we’re an international organization we would love to learn untranslatable words from your language. Send us an untranslatable word and it’s meaning in the dm’s or email it to me ( to share it with the rest of the association!
Gezellige vocabulary #3
This month’s word fits perfectly in the ‘gezellige vocabulary’ and it also matches a Dutch new years tradition. On January 1st a lot of people go to the beach for the ‘nieuwjaarsduik’ (a new year’s dive). They all collectively run into the sea to start off the new year right (or just unnecessarily cold in my opinion). This cold water makes you ‘zhaghzhagh’. This is the Persian word for rattling your teeth due to the cold. Even though it’s a cool word, I’d rather not ‘zhaghzhagh’, so I’ll just stick with my hot chocolate.
*This vacancy is only for Dutch speaking people

Stichting Studiebegeleiding Leiden (SSL) zoekt nieuwe docenten (€145/dag)

Ben je op zoek naar een uitdagende en betekenisvolle bijbaan? En vind je het leuk om anderen iets te leren? Word dan docent bij de examentrainingen van SSL! Samen met collega’s bereid je leerlingen optimaal voor op het centraal eindexamen.

Wat biedt SSL jou?
• verantwoordelijkheid en flexibiliteit;
• uitdaging en afwisseling;
• een gezellige en inspirerende werkomgeving;
• ruimte voor je eigen ontwikkeling;
• heerlijke maaltijden en snacks;
• overnachtingsmogelijkheden als je van ver komt;
• een vergoeding van €145 per dag!

In seizoen 2020-2021 bieden we de examentrainingen aan van oktober tot en met mei, waardoor je het hele collegejaar door bij ons aan de slag kunt!
Meer informatie? Kijk op Of stuur direct je motivatie, cv en cijferlijst van de middelbare school naar

Goodbye my loverssss <3

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