Nieuwsbrief #4

Your monthly update

Only one month of 2020 left!

It’s almost the end of 2020 already! I don’t know about you, but even though so much happened this year (and nothing at the same time) I feel like 2020 flew by. It was a memorable year for sure, not only with COVID, but with SEC as well of course.

In this newsletter we’ll look back on the past month, but also tell you what we have in store for you for December! December is always a busy month with a thousand holidays, exams, finishing your 2020 bucket list, buying gifts and maybe even writing some poems. But we’ll get through it together!

Member sweater 2020/2021
The days are getting colder so it’s time for a new sweater! Since the current board is not that talented we need your help. You can send in a design for the sweater until December 6th. We would like it if it’s sociology, SEC or Amsterdam related, so that everybody will feel connected to it. You can send in your designs to If we pick your design, you will get the sweater for free as a thank you!

Here are last years’ design for some inspiration:

Online music quiz
I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we greatly enjoyed Lil Vic and Big Pete’s livestream for the music quiz. It was a fun night and the winners truly deserved the special SEC beers they won!
Lecture by Don Weenink
If you weren’t there you might’ve heard it around town, we actually managed to organize a physical event. 24 people in the lecture room and even more on Zoom learned all about Randal Collins’ prediction on the Soviet Union from Don Weenink. It was a very interesting lecture, so big thanks to Don!
Among Us borrel
Then we decided to hop onto the trend and play some Among Us. Even though a lot of people suspected me for always stepping over the dead bodies and not reporting them (I just don’t see them for some reason) it was nice and a good initiation for our Discord server. 
Online pub quiz
The online pub quiz was the Borrel Committee’s first event, but they made it seem like they have done this for years. A good Kahoot quiz gets everyone going and we learned a lot about each other in the Never Have I Ever afterwards. We look forward to the next BoCo event! 
(Almost) December dinner
Last week it was time for the External Activities Committee to shine, and they did! The packages of food looked good, and tasted even better. I for sure learned some new recipes and a Zoom dinner with so many people was a new but succesful experience. We’re officially ready for December now! 
Sinterklaas event
After the successes of the BoCo and the EAC it’s the Study Trip Committee’s turn. On Thursday December 3rd (19:30) they will be celebrating Sinterklaas with us on Zoom or discord! How do you celebrate Sinterklaas? With pepernoten of course, we sold packages of pepernoten on our website last week. We will be tasting all kinds of pepernoten together while discussing the sociological perspective on Dutch Sinterklaas traditions!
Let’s chat!
The Academic Activities Committee hasn’t been sitting still either, on December 7th these lovely ladies from the second year want to help out first years with whatever they’re struggling with. But everybody’s welcome to share their struggles or to help others! We will decide on the time later on Instagram, so you can let us know when you’re available. 
Regular borrel with minigames
After all these online events with an actual plan, we felt like it’s time for an old school borrel again! It will be just like the borrels from the past except you’re all in your own home (surprise). There will be time to just chat, play some games and get to know each other even better (Never Have I ever might just show up again). The regular borrel will take place on December 10th at 19:30
DoMiBo! aka a Thursday Afternoon Christmas Borrel
A SEC classic again! But this time it’s actually in the correct month. Like every year we will celebrate the exams being over again and we will see each other one last time (in 2020) before most people go home to their families. This year the DoMiBo will be on December 17th. We will update you on what we will be doing on Instagram!  
Piet in de Pauze

Piet in de Pauze (Piet in the break) is where our treasurer Pieter can empty his heart every month! This month he will be taking a trip down memory lane all the way to the methodology project in his first year!

While December is typically seen as the month of festivities, religious celebrations and time spent with family, I think sociology students know what it’s really all about; grueling fieldwork.

It’s basically a rite of passage, marking the almost-halfway point of your first year at the UvA. Even tough the current first-years won’t have to deal with the demotivating process of knocking on doors, looking for houses that don’t seem to exist and the never ending stream of people who’ll tell you to leave them alone; the core experience still seems to be the same. Begging people you don’t know to do an interview, and if you actually get in the door, awkwardly trying to sustain a somewhat normal conversation while getting people to tell you about what the earn each month.  Everybody inevitably gets into the phase of contemplating whether you can get away with faking an interview and consequently getting guilt tripped by Gerben’s well placed integrity lecture, during which you’re still thinking of the stupid Sinterklaas surprise your family expects you to make. (That last bit might just be me though.) I hated the entire thing, and cursed at my decision to start studying sociology. Why didn’t I choose psychology like all my roommates and stay inside and fuck around in SPSS all day?

Looking back however, it does seem to have had it’s use. It was exactly as shitty as I describe above, and it left me with a cold for the remainder of the Christmas break, but wandering around de Pijp in shitty weather pretty much forces you to have take a break in some hipster café with a few nice beers on tap, or at least a good cup of coffee during which you actually get to know your fellow victims students. This whole ordeal tends to weed out the ones that aren’t prepared to sacrifice their free time or their sanity and the necessary drama inevitably ensues; groups dissolve, people quit and interviews are faked.

It was the worst part of my first year in the sociology programme. Yet, I’d do it again in a heartbeat, just to walk around the city with friends.

Gezellige vocabulary
We know that the word ‘gezellig’ in Dutch does not exist in English. We want to learn more of these words to expand our ‘gezellige vocabulaire’! Because we’re an international organization we would love to learn untranslatable words from your language. Send us an untranslatable word and it’s meaning in the dm’s or email it to me ( to share it with the rest of the association!
Gezellige vocabulary #2
This month’s word fits perfectly in the ‘gezellige vocabulary’ and in the time of year! It’s ‘hygge’ the Danish word for “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture)”. It sounds a bit like the Dutch gezellig, but there might be a difference that you can only pinpoint if you know both languages very well!

We hope your winterbreak will be very hygge (or gezellig ;))!

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