Nieuwsbrief #10

Header: Pleasant Landscape 1139 by Ik Mo Kim (2011)

Your monthly update

Hello hello!

The last block has begun, so summer is near! And that also means that this is the last newsletter of the year already. I will miss it, but I am sure that my successor will do great.

For one last time, I will tell you all about our upcoming plans, which I am extra excited about this month. Keep reading to know if we can finally return to Amstelhaven, what we will be doing in the woods and how we are going to celebrate another academic year being over!
I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading this year <3<3

Thank you! 
With the end of the year and some very fun upcoming events being in sight, I think it is time to openly thank the people that are making the upcoming events and all of the pasts events possible; our committee members! They all have been working hard to organize fun events offline and online and they did a great job!
On behalf of the board, I want to thank the Academic Activities Committee (Maria, Sara, Star, Maja and Ana), the Study Trip Committee (Nina, Kamille, Mathilde and Amaasa), the Borrel Committee (Fleur, David, Moritz and Milo) and the External Activities Committee (Tobias, Charlie, Anna-Luca, Khushi and Marleen) for everything <3<3
International Borrel & Bicker: policing
One last click on the Zoom link! The Academic Activities Committee prepared a night full of case studies and topics regarding police to talk about. It was interesting to hear all the differences between countries (which there are quite a lot of)!
Announcement borrel! 
Yes, yes, yes! We can return to our beloved Amstelhaven!! Not only can we finally see each other in real life again and have some beers, we will also be announcing the 34th board! So, if you are curious to know who will be in charge of SEC next year, or just to know what beer from Amstelhaven tastes like again, be sure to be there! You can get a ticket on our website, the ticket costs €3, but you get a token for a beer/wine/soda for it. We will see you there (with a ticket ;)) on June 4th from 17:00 to 20:00.
If you can’t be there, but do want to see the announcement: we will do an Instagram live at 19:00 <3
Link to the tickets
Into the Woods
No, we’re not going to the festival “Into the Woods”, but we will be exploring the Amsterdamse Bos! The External Activities Comittee have some fun activities prepared for you. Always wanted to play capture the flag as an adult? And always wanted to play a fun game called Vikings where the real Viking in you comes to life? This is your chance, because on the 16th of June from 15:00 to 18:00 in the Amsterdamse Bos the battle will begin and the best team may win! We will share a sign up link on our socials later and see you thereee!
Boogie Wonderland
Girls (and boys and everyone else) just wanna have fun! That’s why the social committees have joined their efforts and are working on something spectacular to celebrate the end of the academic year. More information will be revealed later on, but for now stay safe and let’s boogie 😉 

* Date, time and place are still to be decided
Weekly borrels?
The BoCo is looking into organising weekly borrels for the rest of the month, if you want to stay updated on this make sure to keep an eye on our socials to know when and where all of the fun will be! 
Piet in de Pauze
Piet in de Pauze (Piet in the break) is where our treasurer Pieter can empty his heart every month! This month he will be telling you about the epicentre of the Roeterseiland campus: the SEC board room. (Hihi do you get the joke?)
After this last exam week some of us may already have vacation while others still have four weeks of exciting fieldwork ahead of them. While physical teaching is slowly starting to pickup again, it’s come to late to be of any real meaning. I can’t exactly say that the whole campus experience is a thing after only having had two on-site tutorials through the entire year. Therefore I’ll give you a little introduction to the most important place on Roeterseiland: SEC’s Association room.

Thanks to the UvA’s marketing department, student numbers keep rising each year, and so the campus, that was only built a few years ago, is already too small for the amount of students. Normally, if you would arrive between 10:00 and 15:00 on a regular weekday, the entire building would be packed. There would not be an empty seat left at the library, the cafeteria and the hallways and every café in the surrounding streets. If you arrived during this time, it was either to go to class, or to walk an endless amount of circles through the building, hoping to catch somebody just before they left, so you could stare at them from a distance and then sprint to take their place the moment they stood up.

For those still unfamiliar with the maze that makes up our faculty; the Association Room, more commonly knows as ‘de bk’, is located at the start of a hallway in the B-wing on the first floor of the ABC building. Even though it’s only a small room, with a couch and a few desk chairs, it has been the common denominator through most of the countless hours I have spent at Roeterseiland. It’s nice to have a space which is yours in a building filled by people you don’t know and where the hallways almost feel like you’re walking through a hospital. The bk is a space where you can chill, hangout and ‘study’ (which is a bad excuse to start drinking beer at 12 AM). When I used to have class in a normal lecture hall, I would head there before to drop off my things, get some free coffee and see my friends. This is also where the danger of the room lies, my friends from sociology and I where so used to seeing each other at there, that, once Corona hit and the university closed, we didn’t really know how to meetup without it. And while we have learned how to do this after a year of being banned from this holy sanctum, meeting up outside of uni never really felt the same way.

Now that the year is almost over, and the amount of times I get to write a shitty column that gets force fed into your email feed are coming to a close, it seems hard to realize that I’ll also have to let the go of the association room sometime soon. So I hope that I’ll be able to entrust it to whoever actually reads this.

P.S.  there’s still half a whisky bottle hidden somewhere near the ceiling for when you can’t figure out how to begin a paper and need a little artificial inspiration.

Goodbye my loverssss <3