Nieuwsbrief #1

Your monthly update

Here we go (again)!

Welcome or welcome back! It’s already the first day of the new academic year. Hopefully you were still able to enjoy your summer with all of the measures going on.
The rest of the new board and I for sure enjoyed our holidays and are very excited to start the new academic year. We will try to organise as much fun events as possible to entertain you when you’re not having (online) classes!

Let’s start this newsletter of by introducing the new board.
Chair – Victor Steenmeijer
Secretary – Merle de la Rie
Treasurer – Pieter Schmidt
Coordinator Study Related Activities – Núria Sanchez
Coordinator Social Activities – Divya Jalan
Opening Borrel

After almost six months of online borrels or outside borrels, we can finally have an actual borrel inside a cafe again! For all of the new international students; a borrel is a Dutch thing where people (usually students) get together for drinks in a cafe.

The borrel will take place on September 3rd, from 21h till 1h at Amstelhaven! Due to all of the measures (distance etc.), we can only fit 30 students inside. Due to this maximum capacity you need to buy a ticket on our website to come. The tickets will be free and you can buy them on our website now!

Get your tickets now!
General Member’s Meeting
The new board is already working hard, but still needs to be voted in by the members. This will happen on the General Member’s Meeting on September 10th, 16:00. We will meet on zoom, so this event is accessible for everyone! The new board will present their goals for the upcoming year and the old board will review their past year, afterwards you can hang out with us and your fellow students. We will post the zoom link in the facebook event and on our Instagram!
The facebook event
Online book club
The first academic event of the year will be a reocurring one. At September 14th an online book club will start! The bookclub will meet once a month to discuss what you read. You can drop your book suggestions on our instagram (from tuesday on)! If you want to discuss some literature with your fellow students sign up by sending an email to: This event will be online, so no matter where in the world you are right now you can participate!
4 Steps To Start A Book Club : Life Kit : NPR
Committee info borrel

Another borrel! On September 24th we will have a borrel where we not only have drinks with you, but we will also give you information about our committees. When joining a committee you are an essential part in organizing all of our events! It also looks good on your CV and gives you the opportunity to gain points for a Study Active Certificate.

You can join these committees:
– Borrel Committee
– External Activities Committee
– Study Trip Committee
– Academic Events
– Party/Social Events Comittee

If you want more information on the committees you are very welcome to come to the borrel and talk to us! Time and place will be announced on our social media later. So, make sure to follow us to stay updated.

If you ever have a question, want some coffee/tea or just want to have a chat with us you are welcome to come by our association room REC B1.04! These are our office hours for the first block, so during these hours you’re welcome to come by!

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