Newsletter #6

Your monthly update

Semester 2 just started and we hope your statistics exam didn’t go too bad.
We just came back to an amazing weekend getaway to Ghent, Belgium but we are ready for the upcoming month filled with activities for you all. 

This afternoon we will host a alumni event where you can hear about career paths and opportunities after gradutating from this vague bachelor called Sociology. You might then know what to tell your family members when they ask ‘So what can you do with a Sociology degree?’.
On a more fun note, we will have two special borrels: one when we will finally announce the destination for this year’s big study trip at the end of May and then a special Valentine’s borrel where we will try to help you find the one – or, make you appreciate your own’s worth!
Finally, the most exciting event is happening: the OPEN MIC NIGHT. Bring out your best talents or not and join us for an amazing night, organized with our anthropology friends from Kwak. The board of SEC will have a special performance. So you don’t want to miss out the embarrassment. 
Make sure to vote for the Members’ Hoodie design before closing this email 😉

You can also come pick-up your ordered study books in the association room!

Members’ Hoodie

It is finally time to vote on this year’s member’s hoodie.  Two second-year students worked really hard on the design and you can help us decide the color of the hoodie. The price for the hoodie will be between 13 and 18 euros (depending on the amount of people who order it) and you will be able to order it soon! The Amsterdam weather requires hoodies all year-around.

Vote here ->

SEC meets Alumni

Don’t know what you’re doing after your bachelor/master in sociology yet? No worries, SEC has got you covered! On Tuesday the 4th of February, SEC is hosting a sociology alumni event. We have invited alumni to come speak to you about their career path after their studies. Curious to know what your options are, or how you could put your sociological skills to use? Then you don’t want to miss this! We will have a short borrel afterwards where we will provide snacks for you all.

Come find us at CREA Muziekzaal from 17 to 19

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Half-yearly GMM

We are already halfway through the academic year and it is time for the half-yearly General Members’ Meeting (GMM). If you are still clueless, in the GMM we will go through the past six months, reviewing and looking back the past events and work of the association.
Via the link below you will find more information about the GMM and the half-yearly and financial reports that will be discussed during the meeting:

Would you like to propose new ideas or simply know what the association exactly has been doing? Then come to the GMM on the 6th of February! There will be pizza and drinks for everyone!

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Study Trip Announcement Borrel

The Study Trip Committee has been busy crafting the most amazing trip you could imagine. We are almost ready to reveal the location! In fact, the borrel on Thursday 6th of February will be dedicated to announcing the destination country and revealing more information on the trip. We will toast with a typical drink from the country or eat a bite of their typical dish.
The study trip is one of the main events of year which we always look forward to with great excitement. We will head to _______ from May 22 to May 29th with 20 fellow sociologists. Last year we went to Athens, Greece, where will we go this year?

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Valentine’s Borrel

Valentine’s day is slowly approaching. We want to celebrate all forms of LOVE – platonic, self-love, romantic. So join us alone, with your friends or special other(s) for a cozy borrel.
Are you still determined to find the One? For all the singles out there, there will be a fun speed-date throughout the evening where you can meet new people both from Sociology and Anthropology and who knows, maybe there will be a spark!
Either way, we can spend a nice evening together. Valentine’s day is just another excuse to eat chocolate and forget about lost lovers!

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Open Mic Night

Finally, it’s time for our yearly open mic night! Kwakiutl and SEC organize this event for the people who want to show their talent or just want to do something to entertain people. Do you have a secret talent? This is the chance to show what you’ve got. Are you a dork without talent? Then you can also perform! It will be a cozy evening with an open mind set, so no one will make fun of anyone! Hope to see you at Elsa’s Cafe!


You can sign-up to perform via this google form:

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