Newsletter #5

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2020: new year, same old newsletter.

Before leaving for the long well-deserved holidays, we enjoyed a 2-meal course at the December Dinner and had some hot chocolate and board games at the Christmas Vrijmibo.
We are very excited for 2020 and for the events in store for the next few months: the first SEC trip to Ghent, theme borrels, open mic night and the big study trip at the end of May which you will soon know more about.

We hope you had a great holiday break! Best of luck with statistics and let us know if you need notes or help!
See you soon.


The book sale for the second semester will start this Friday, JANUARY 10TH via Athenaeum Boekhandel. Keep an eye on our facebook for the link to purchase all the necessary books for your classes. When ordering your books through us you will get a 15% discount! Be sure to get your books before the 28th of January in order to have them on time for your classes.
Please note that you have to be a SEC member and pay your membership before buying books. If you are not yet, you can sign-up anytime on our website:

New Year’s Borrel

Yes, uni has started again but this doesn’t mean we should hibernate from now on. The one positive thing to look forward to is our weekly borrels coming back again. To ease the shock, come to have a drink with your friends today, January 9th, at Caffe Milo. Didn’t get a chance to wear a sparkling new year’s outfit? This is the chance. The more sparkles and glitters the better.
Together we will look back at the decade through a pubquiz (yes, we really like them). You and your team can win a pitcher of beer. There will also be a playlist full of the best numbers of the past decade.
To celebrate the new start we will provide you guys with borrelsnacks with meat and vegetarian options.

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After the success of our tosti party, we decided to throw another association room event. You are invited to our association room for some tea time! We might not have grilled cheese anymore because we did almost set the association room on fire. But this won’t stop us to bring you something. Since you can’t get free tea and coffee in the common room anymore, we’ve got you covered! We want to warm you up with tea, coffee and lots of cookies and muffins to get you the energy to go through the tutorials during the day. I even got some Nutella biscuits back from Italy for you to try (first come first serve). JUST SAYING.

Hope to see you on January 16th in our association room (B1.04) for some tea and to relax on our comfy couch!

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Weekend getway to Ghent, Belgium 

After your statistic exam you can use some time off to forget about all those numbers. What better way than a small trip? We will go on a weekend getaway to Ghent, Belgium, a real student city with an old touch. The trip will take place from the 31th of January until the 2nd of February 2020, so you will be back for the new semester refreshed and with new memories. We will stay two nights in the beautiful hostel Uppelink, located right in the heart of Ghent!
Activities and more detailed information will be announced later on, so stay tuned if you are interested in a cheap, fun weekend with lots of activities and drinks. You don’t want to miss out on tons of yummy Belgian chocolate (and beer).

When: 31/01/2020 – 02/02/2020

Price: 80€ (transport, accommodation, activities)

You can sign-up here until Friday January 24th :

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