Newsletter #3

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The days are getting shorter and colder and we barely want to leave our bed. But we are still at Caffe Milo every Thursday night to sip on some freezing beer. Dedication.

To make it a little bit better we still have some nice events planned for you for the rest of this rainy, gray November. This Wednesday we are throwing our first ever tosti party because grilled sandwiches keep us going. 
The first big party in collaboration with other study association is taking place next week, on November 20th at ClubUp. That is for sure something to look forward to. 
Because we also care about learning and not only partying, we also planned an interdisciplinary lecture, or so called ‘The Other Perspective”, with our friends from Anthropology.

We hope to see you at one of these events! Cheers!


To end October, we had an awesome Halloween-themed borrel. We still don’t know who won the best-costume contest but our secretary really did something showing up as a nun. You can check out the photos on our website
(The password to access is ‘norbertelias’)



Get ready for the most exciting SEC event of November! It’s TOSTI TIME!
Living in the Netherlands means embracing the culture around cheese and toasties. This is why on November 13th, we will be making grilled cheese sandwiches for you in our association room. If you are in-between classes or study sessions and need a break to regenerate, come to us. And all for free! Sounds good right?

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On the 20th of November it’s going to be time for the first big party of the year! For this first party, your four favorite associations have joined forces and we’ll be organizing a MEME PARTY! Will you be dressing up as a vsco girl, pepe the frog or old school Dwayne The Rock Johnson? There are endless options to choose from, be creative!

We will see you all on the 20th of November at the ClubUp! Keep an eye out on the Facebook event ( to stay up to date and discover who will play at the party!

You can get your tickets on our website, in our association room or at the weekly borrels.
Members: €5,50
Non-members: €6,50


The 27th of November marks the day of the very first ‘The Other Perspective’ of the year; a lecture organized by Kwakiutl and SEC in which we invite two speakers to discuss the same topic. Afterwards there will be a discussion in which the audience may join. This first version of ‘The Other Perspective’ will be about Gentrification in Amsterdam! Are you curious about how the city has changed? Do you want to give your opinion on ‘veryupping’? Join Kwakiutl and SEC at ‘The Other Perspective’, on the 27th of November at 17:00! Snacks provided 🙂

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Let us now / Speak your mind
This year we want to offer you a new varied experience. This is why we want to hear from you and what you would like to see in upcoming events, activities and even newsletters. Everything is accepted.

Let us know down below or pop us a message.


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