Newsletter #2

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It’s October! Our favorite time of the year, alongside Christmas. We are already thinking about our costumes for Halloween and you should be too. 
Starting from this month we will have two new columns in our monthly newsletters. One is ‘On the Radar’ in which we will share our favorite picks, from music to events and cool locations in Amsterdam. The second one is ‘Dutch 101’, targeted for myself and all the international students trying to navigate the Dutch world without relying on one word only aka lekker. Please stop saying that. 

September was an intense month for everybody. We kicked it off with a great first opening borrel at Caffe Milo. You can check out the photos on our website:
We hope that the first month (back) at the UvA was not too harsh! By now you should be able to work around the maze of the REC building and find your way to our association room. Exams are coming up and we are not emotionally ready. Hopefully the only thing that will scare you will be our costumes at the Halloween borrel and not your grades.
At the end of September, we took some first-years in the middle of nowhere and enjoyed a great introduction weekend. The face and confusion of international students when they listen to “Traag” by Bizzey and André Hazes for the first time is priceless.


Last week we held the first Netflix and SEC. We screened “Everything Must Fall”, a documentary about the struggles and fight of students in South Africa for affordable and accessible education. Sherliyn Deen gave us a very interesting introduction and held a discussion after the movie.

If you couldn’t make it, you can watch the documentary online at


This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday. We thought it would have been a shame not to have our first themed borrel on this occasion. Put on a scary costume or your post-exams look and join us before your night out. We will be at Caffe Milo as per usual.
More info to follow on our social media!

LAST CALL: Committees

As a member of a committee, you are an essential part of organizing all the fun and intellectual things that SEC has to offer! You can still join these committees:
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