First Newsletter 2019-2020

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Hello, this is the new Board for 2019-2020 !
The SEC board 2019-2020 consists of four members, but still has to be approved at the beginning of the academic year during the General Members’ Meeting. The board is responsible for everything that takes place within the association. For the first time, the board has an international member (Ilaria, who is writing this. HI). This is why everything will be (mostly) in English. Let’s present ourselves:

Dewi Maten – Chair

Ilaria Monese – Secretary

Ilse van Engen – Treasurer

Charlotte Takes – Coordinator Committees

Opening borrel! 
On the 5h of September, we organize the first “borrel” of this academic year alongside our friends from Kwakiutl! A borrel is an informal social gathering of a select (invited) group, often with a theme. It’s a great time to get to know your fellow students outside the university.

– Beer €1.95
– Wine €2.80
– All other booze 30% off
– Pizza €9.75

New and old members are all welcome. Come alone or with your friends and help us kick off the beginning of this academic year with our anthropology friends from Kwak!

Link to Facebook Event

General members meeting 

As clueless as I was last year as a freshman sociology student, the words General Members’ Meeting (GMM) spoke to me like scary, high position academics who meet up to share their fancy academic knowledge. I was wrong.

The GMM is simply is the highest body within the association and is formed by all members of SEC. You. The goal is to vote in the new board which presents their new missions statements, goals and the annual budget.
The transferal GMM in which the new board will be appointed will be held on the 12th of September. There will be free pizza and beer for everyone!
Yes, we are trying to bribe you with free food.



The introduction weekend is coming up at the end of September! From the 27th to the 29th we will head to Zwiggelte, Drenthe in the North of the Netherlands. There is only place for 39 first-year students!
There will always be enough snacks, beer/wine for everyone and we organize various kinds of activities and parties, to get to know each other 🎉 We will also have a themed night where you can dress-up in your best outfits.

The price of 59€ is inclusive of transport to the location, food and your stay.

Sign up for the introduction weekend here!


You can join one of our committees! As a member of a committee, you are an essential part of organizing all the fun and intellectual things that SEC has to offer! Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to make new friends (or become even better friends!). So have a look at our committees and sign up. You can join these committees:
– Borrel Committee
– Committee External Activities
– Study Trip Committee
– Study Committee
– Social Events Committee
– Promotion Committee

We willl have a info moment on the 16th of September.

Sign up for our committees

Pick up your books!

You can pick up your ordered study books in the association room (REC-B1.04a). This is only possible if you have ordered your study books before the 28th of August. “Four Sociological Traditions” will be available from Monday and hopefully “Sociology: Global Edition” shortly after.
If you haven’t gotten your books yet: hurry! The book sale with the discount will close today, Wednesday 4th of September.

Get your books here!

This year we want to offer you a new varied experience. This is why we want to hear from you and what you would like to see in upcoming events, activities and even newsletters. Be creative, everything could be added, from music/book suggestions, to concerts and events happening in the city, to suggestions about Amsterdam.

Let us know down below or pop us a message.


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