Can’t Dutch This – Dutch courses with a discount

Can’t Dutch This has been organising fun and interactive student-to-student Dutch courses over the last six years to more than 400+ students in Amsterdam, Utrecht and Leiden. As learning the local language will make your stay in The Netherlands more fun and as students from other study associations have been so positive about the course, we decided to offer you the possibility to start learning Dutch with Can’t Dutch This.

They will host a new run of 10-week Dutch courses starting in the week of the 31st of January.

During the Dutch courses you will have 10 weekly classes of two hours. After ten weeks you will be able to read and write basic Dutch and you will be able to have simple Dutch conversations (A1/A2 level). The courses focus heavily on learning how to understand and speak the Dutch language.

The exact day and time of the course will be decided together with the students who sign up. The location will be either online, at the Roeterseiland or hybrid (depending on government measures). The price of the course is only 190 euros for SEC students for the full ten weeks, including material and books.

In order to confirm your registration for this course, you will need to click on this link and fill in the registration form: You can also find this link in the linktree in our Instagram bio.

After you have filled in the form, you will be guaranteed a spot in the class. Until five days before the start of the course it is possible to cancel your registration. You will, in case you paid already, get a full refund. Please apply at least 5 days before the start of the course.