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Song of the month: Stil in Mei – Van Dik Hout

Dear reader,

Frankly, it feels like the year has flown by. After the way too long winter months, it is already May, which means we are really looking forward to the end of the academic year ’17-’18. However I think this is the right time to draw up the balance sheet, as I have done many times this year as a treasurer.
This year has brought us many wonderful things: whether we talk about new and older members showing up enthusiastically at our events, or successful events such as our themed drinks and the lustrum gala this year.
However on the other side of things we have faced some difficulties this year. Such as the fact that we had to continue the second half of our year with four people to make up our board which unhoped for, or that we are currently cracking our brains on the upcoming internationalisation of our bachelor.
Luckily there is much to look forward to the upcoming times. Not only is it going to be good weather from Wednesday on, we are also taking off to Malta this month to relax and escape from our daily grind.
Besides this, as I said, the end of the year is coming and we hope to properly close it up with you. Come and join us the upcoming times on Thursday in our trusted café Ruig to raise your glass with us.

Much love,
Koen Ansmink

Airhockey lessons! (tonight)

On Tuesday, May 1, SEC will take you to PUCK, the first and largest air hockey hall in Europe! Here you can improve your skills with (free) air hockey lessons. Do we see you tonight at 7pm?

Theme drink: Proverbs (03/05)

It is already time for the next theme drink, and not just one, but the last of the year! Thursday evening ,Café Ruig will be under the spell of proverbs. Come along, because cosiness knows no time! And remember, if there is one sheep across the dam, more will follow. So be creative and dress up as a proverb, because you know, the clothes make the man!

Almanac presentation drink (24/05)

From the start of this year, the lustrum committee worked hard on the lustrum almanac. They have chosen the most beautiful and crazy from thousands of photos, placed inspiring collumns,  invented mind-boggling puzzles and fun games and put all the events for you in a row. All this comes in an almanac over the past 5 years and it costs only 5 euros.
On May 24 at 8:30pm the almanac presentation drink will take place in Café Ruig. Are you already enthusiastic? Then reserve the lustrum almanac!

Upcoming dates

01/05: Free airhockey lessons
03/05: Theme drink: proverbs
24/05: Almanac presentation drink
26/05-02/06: Study trip to Malta!

And weekly drinks on Thursdays from 20:30 in Café Ruig!

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