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Dear SEC-ers,

You may know me from the drinks, the travel committee or other SEC-activities, otherwise: I am Birgit, first year sociology student. And yes, you heard it right! Together with Billie, Loraine, Annabel and Tanisha, I will be organizing the study trip! I am writing this the day after the destination reveal drink, so after keeping it a secret for months, I am finally allowed to spread the word: this year we will be going to Malta! There was a lot of trouble with the plane tickets. For example, Ryanair would not allow us to reserve tickets, Air Malta lost our reservation and the prices changed every 15 minutes. But, in the end, it all turned out well and we are now very busy with putting together the awesome program. I hope that you are just as enthusiastic about Malta as we are! Malta: sun, beach and getting in contact with a beautiful culture (or a beer, that’s also a possibility). Are you already itching to join?Sign up now! You can sign up until the 15th of March and the participants will be decided from a draw. See you on Malta (or of course at one of the drinks)!


Study trip to Malta (26/05 – 02/06)

Game of Thrones, bright blue seas, a lot of beaches and an ancient culture: Malta has it all! SEC will take you to this beautiful island from Saturday 26 May to Sunday 2 June for only 385 euros. Do you want to experience an unforgattable time with your fellow students on this unique study trip? You can still register for the draw until March 14! Interested? Have a look on our Facebook page for more information.

Open stage night (13/03)

The second and the last open stage of the year is already on the schedule. This time together with study association Kwakiutl. Are you the person who always steals the show at parties? Do you enjoy attention? Do you really get out of your shell in the middle of that stage? Have you just discovered a new talent and do you want to show it to the whole world? Or are you better at cheering than singing, dancing or juggling? Just come by and enjoy all the talent you are surrounded by. Click here for more informaion.

Hitchhiking weekend (16/03 – 18/03)

It is almost time for the most exciting weekend of the year. From 16 to 18 March, we will be hitchhiking to a foreign location. Wondering where we are going? Have a look at our Facebook page for the revealing of the location. Of course, the hitching takes place in duos. If you can not find a partner or you want an extra surprise, then you can register alone. We will then connect you to someone who has also registered alone.

Upcoming dates

13/03: Open stage Night
16/03 – 18/03: Hitchhiking weekend
29/03: ThemedrinkAnd weekly drinks on Thursdays from 20:30 in Café Ruig!

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