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Hello eveyone,

I am Tanisha and as you might know I am the chair of SEC. Now you might wonder, nice and all being a chair but what do you actually do? As the chair there are a few daily activities I have to do. A few examples are preparing and chairing our weekly meetings, replying to mountains and mountains of e-mails, keeping in touch with our department, memorising as many names of our members as possible and being present at all the fun activities we organise. Besides that I, with a lot of pleasure, support the rest of the board where and if needed.
On top of that all the chairs of the associations of our faculty are in the board of the faculty association. With this faculty association we organise a nice event on February 9th, Internet: Connect or Reject?, and later on in the year we organise a super fun party of which the theme will be announced soon!
Besides this I have the amazing job of coordinating the studytrip this year! You are all probably waiting in excitement as to where the trip is going, the revelation borrel with be February 22nd so be there! As you can see there is enough to do this month! Check the agenda at the end of the Seconde Wijzer and I hope to see you at all our events and borrels!


Movie night: Democrats (06/02)
Highs and lows alternate rapidly. Be ready for lying, acting and turning. Allegations are laughed off and a fight for ideals is taking place. Democrats is an exciting, compelling and disconcerting documentary with an outcome that you had not hoped for but had seen coming from the beginning. Do you want to see this movie too? Then check out our Facebook event!
Internet: Connect or Reject?
In cooperation with all study associations of the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, we organize an informative lecture with workshops about the internet! The workshops/lectures will take place from the perspectives of various studies of the sociale sciences. Internet can make you or break you. Between the rounds we provide a free meal. We close the evening with a borrel! Interested? Read more...
Lustrumgala: 30 & Fabulous (28/02)
You probably haven’t missed it: this year SEC will turn 30 and we celebrate this with a fabulous gala! Come to ‘De Ebeling’ on Wednesday 28th in your most beautiful glitter dress or finest suit and raise the glass with us. Make sure you do not miss this glorious party and sign up here. A ticket costs only 3 euros! More information can be found here.

Upcoming dates

And weekly drinks on Thursdays from 20:30 in Café Ruig!

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