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Hello hello!

Hopefully you all survived Valentine’s day, the snow and the sudden sun (it might be a bit much after so much darkness, but maybe that’s only a red head experience).
With the sun out I think everybody feels better, so you must be ready for some SEC events! If you are on the look out for one of our positions in the board, want to have some food for thought or just some beers for the throat make sure to keep reading. You will also find a very sociologically relevant vacancy (only in Dutch)  in this newsletter.

Hopefully you enjoy reading it!

Instagram take overs
We’re already looking for the new board, so to inform you a bit on our functions we’re doing Instagram take overs from the board members. Victor (chair) and Merle (secretary) did theirs already, Pieter (treasurer) is doing his this week and next week it’s Núrias (study coordinator) turn! No worries if you missed them, you can see all of the takeovers in the high lights. If you still have questions or no clue about what a board year entails make sure to come to our board info moment (march 15th). You can find the information for this in this newsletter. 
Bicker & borrel
The bicker & borrel is already a long time ago, but I still remember how much fun it was. There were a lot of fun, but also more serious discussions. The event kept going for a long time and even though I was very tired after, I had fun!
Valentines borrel
Like every year at the Valentines borrel we did some speed dating. I don’t know what if anything really exciting happened between people in red (aka the single pringles), but it was nice to get to know some of you a bit better in private or during all of the never have I ever rounds we’ve played. The after party in the Discord was also innovative and I suggest we do this more often. 
Event with CBS
The CBS event was really interesting and so nice to get a small peak into your future and a bit more of an idea what you can do after your studies! A big thank you to the people from CBS for this!
General Member’s Meeting
Woohoo another GMM done! Everything got voted in and I think everybody was very happy with their pizza. The Kahoot borrel afterwards was really funny, so thank you dear Academic Activities Committee <3
Beer tasting
We really miss having beers with you, so the BoCo organized a really nice beer tasting for you. For only €5 you get a package of 5 craft beers that you can pick up near NEMO on Wednesday or Thursday! If you’re not able to pick it up, these are the beers we will be trying: ‘t IJ IPA, Kasteel Rouge, Erdinger Weissbier, Jopen Adriaan and Oedipus Thai Thai so you can get them yourself (this will be more expensive though). The BoCo and the board look forward to see you on Zoom on Thursday March 4th at 20:00. If you want to join make sure to click the link below to get the package! You can buy the package until Tuesday 23:59. 
Link to tickets
The Bechdel Game: Women and Representation
To celebrate Women’s day on March 8th (20:00) we will play the Bechdel-Wallace test game! This test is a measure of analysis the representation of women in fiction. We will watch a movie together and in teams, we will carry out the Bechdel test. With a point-system we we’ll elect a lucky winner who will get a very special prize! This event will of course take place on Zoom. 
This year’s Faculty Congress is almost here! The theme is: Humans of the Future: How will our everyday lives change? Every association invited a speaker, so we’ll get an interdisciplinary perspective on this topic.  The sociological perspective will be brought to you by dr. Kobe de Keere with his lecture ‘Future Imaginaries in Society’! The congress will take place on Zoom, on March 11th from 17:00 to 19:45. We will update our socials when the tickets come online. 

Board info moment!
It’s already time for us to start looking for a new board. We have been doing Instagram take overs by board members for the last two weeks and we will continue to do so, but if you still have questions (or even more questions than before the takeovers) or are just interested make sure to come to our board info moment! On Monday 15th of March at 18:00 you can ask us all of your questions about the board in general or one of the functions 🙂
Cook with SEC: Asian Cuisine Edition
On the 18th of March at 20:00 the Study Trip Committee is going to ‘travel’ to Asia (on Zoom), and try some delicious dishes. Cook your favorite Asian dish, and join us for the screening of an episode of ‘Street Food: Asia’.
Make sure to follow our socials to see some food recommendations from the committee members!  
Gezellige vocabulary
We know that the word ‘gezellig’ in Dutch does not exist in English. We want to learn more of these words to expand our ‘gezellige vocabulaire’! Because we’re an international organization we would love to learn untranslatable words from your language. Send us an untranslatable word and it’s meaning in the dm’s or email it to me ( to share it with the rest of the association!
Gezellige vocabulary #5
It’s been almost a year of the university closing down, and I have to admit that I really really miss it. I miss having lectures and secretly reading people’s whatsapp conversations on their laptops, taking naps and/or ordering food in the board room and meeting up with people in the Common Room. I’ve been an active SEC member for more than 2,5 years now so that means that the university and the board room especially really started to feel like home, a home that I miss. I found a word that really matches my feelings about this. The word is: hiraeth. This is the Welsh word for a type of homesickness, but for a home that you can’t return to, or that never existed. All I can say is hopefully the university will open again really soon and that we can welcome you all in our association’s home.
*This vacancy is only for Dutch speaking people

Leren Voor de Toekomst zoekt examentrainers!

Om meteen met de deur in huis te vallen, wij, van Leren voor de
Toekomst, gaan een einde maken aan kansenongelijkheid in het onderwijs.
Onze missie is; betaalbaar aanvullend onderwijs voor ieder kind bieden.
Huiswerkbegeleiding en bijles is normaliter alleen weggelegd voor
kinderen uit welvarendere gezinnen. Met Leren voor de Toekomst proberen
wij een einde te maken aan dit stigma. MAAR Dit kunnen wij niet alleen!
Wij zijn altijd opzoek naar jong-professionals die samen met ons het
verschil willen maken. Heb je altijd al kinderen willen helpen met hun
huis en leerwerk of weet je van jezelf dat je kinderen kan motiveren om
zichzelf te blijven ontwikkelen, meld je dan bij ons als
Goodbye my loverssss <3

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