Khushi Jeswani is the Study Coordinator of the 34th Board of SEC for the academic year 2021-2022.

The Study Coordinator works to organise academic and educational event for students in the Sociology programme. This includes a wide range of activities, informational workshops (master markets, alumni events), discussion sessions (movie nights, lectures) and an annual study trip are all examples. The study coordinator manages and fosters two committees this year, the Study Trip committee and the Academic & Political Activities committee.

The Study Trip committee plans an educational trip outside of the Netherlands each year for Sociology students to expand their knowledge and insight. The committee is working hard to organise this trip which takes place in May!
The Academic & Political Activities committee organises a wide array of events all year around both depending on ideas of members, and annual events in SEC.

Each committee has 5-6 people and it is the coordinator’s job to create a safe environment for sharing ideas and planning events together. It is also their job to maintain communication internally (between the Board and committees) and externally (between the Board, committees, and third-party associations that may be involved).

Khushi Jeswani: Study Coordinator 2021-2022
34th Board of SEC