From left to right: Khushi Jeswani, Sara Xillo, Fleur Zwaan, Star Siripanich, Anna Luca Ondrusek.

On September 15th 2021, the 34th Board of Sociologisch Epicentrum has been constituted, and will responsible for the association’s finances and administration for a year. On this day, the Board’s policy plans have been approved and the 33th Board was officially voted out.
The Board is composed of 4 International members, and one Dutch speaking member, marking an important step towards the internationalisation process of SEC.

The SEC board 2021-2022 consists of five members. The board is responsible for everything that takes place within the association.

Fleur Zwaan – Chair

Sara Xillo – Secretary

Star Siripanich – Treasurer

Khushi Jeswani – Coördinator Study Related Activities

Anna Luca Ondrusek – Coördinator Social Activities