What is the General Members’ Meeting?

The General Members’ Meeting (GMM) is the highest body within the association and is formed by all members of SEC. The goal is to appoint and control the board. There are standard two GMM’s per year:

  • The transferal GMM in which the new board will be appointed.
  • The half-yearly GMM in which the board is accountable for what it has done.

During the GMM, members can determine the course of the association and encourage the board to make certain choices. Each board makes plans at the beginning of the year, which it sets out in a policy plan and an annual budget. Halfway through the year, the board is accountable in a half-yearly report and a financial statement.

What are the formal rules of SEC?

The agreements of SEC are laid down in the Statues, the Household Regulations and the General Terms and Conditions. These three documents have been adopted in the GMM. In case of changes, they are also confirmed in the GMM.

The Statutes of SEC (only in Dutch) contain provisions for good governance and ensure that things run smoothly. The statues are drawn up by a notary.

The Household Regulations of SEC (only in Dutch) are rules that further elaborate on the statutes of the association.

The General Terms and Conditions regulate the agreements between the members and the association for participating in activities of SEC and the corresponding payments. The General Terms and Conditions are signed by each individual member. The General Terms and Conditions were renewed in September 2017.

What was discussed in previous years?

Policy plans
Policy plans 2019/2020
Policy plans 2020/2021

General Members Meeting 13/09/2018
General Members Meeting 12/09/2019
Semi-annual GMM 06/02/2020

Realisations 2018/2019
Realisations 2019/2020

Semi-annual reports
Semi-annual report 2018/2019
Semi-annual report 2019/2020

Semi-annual realisations
Semi-annual realisation 2018/2019
Semi-annual realisation 2019/2020

End year reports
End Report 2018/2019
End Report 2019/2020