Circle Amsterdam Sociologists

The Circle of Amsterdam Sociologists (KAS) is the alumni association for sociologists who studied at the UvA. The KAS keeps alumni informed of developments in the field and offers various activities, including lectures, debates, workshops and excursions. In addition, the KAS promotes and maintains contacts between alumni and between alumni and the sociology program. The KAS works together with SEC, but also with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and with circles in related disciplines.


The board of the KAS is as follows:

  • dr. Maaike de Boois – Chair
  • drs. Eric Wiersma – Secretary
  • drs. Peters Mijnarends – Treasurer
  • drs. Marijke Jalink – member
  • drs. Dieteke van der Ree – member
  • drs. Peter Rensen – member
  • dr. Don Weenink – On behalf of sociology staff
  • Nina Hooijer – Student member, on behalf of SEC


For suggestions for meetings, remarks about the meetings and other matters, you can contact the board via e-mail ‘’.