Upcoming events

Books delivery – January 24th (location TBA)
On January 24th, upon online purchase of your books on sec.smartbooks.nl, you will receive your books at home. 

Weekly Borrel – January 27th 
We are going back to in-person barrels starting from January 27th. You can find more information on our instagram @sociologisch_epicentrum.

Semi-annual General Members Meeting – January 31st
Join the semi-annual GMM to hear about the Board’s achievements in the first half of the year, and the goals they are setting for themselves before they finish their mandate. The event will be held online and will be followed by an in-person Borrel. You can find more information on our Instagram @sociologisch_epicentrum. 

Information session – Free elective space – February 3rd
Together with the study advisor, and the directors of exchange office and internship, SEC will organise an information session for student who would like to learn more about the options for the free elective space. More information and zoom link to the event can be found on our Instagram @sociologisch_epicentrum.

For more information on our events check out our newsletter or Instagram (@sociologisch_epicentrum).