Anna Ondrusek is the Social Coordinator of the 34th Board for the academic year 2021-2022.

The Social Coordinator has the responsibility to lead three of the social committees: the Borrel, Party and External Activities Committee.

In this role the coordinator is there to oversee all the organization that is done to ensure the events go smoothly and as planned. The Social Coordinator is the communication between the committees and the Board to help that all the information necessary is communicated between committee and board members. Next to inter-association communication it is also important that the Social Coordinator is available to help the committee members on both work and personal issues when they occur. Lastly, they have to be the reasoning voice behind the committee so all the goals that are set are met in the timeframe and budget. 

The Social Coordinator needs to be at aid to creat a safe space for members at events which includes inclusivity, diversity and looking out for the safety of members.


Anna Ondrusek: Social Coordinator 2021/2022
34th Board of SEC