FMG Congress: Humans 2050

maart 12, 2020

5:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Society is under a vortex of fast and unpredictable changes.
This shaky future is something we either think about too much or think about too little. Luckily, there are many different views on what everything can look like! Climate change might put at risk the chance of even living our future but at least we can daydream about it. Say, you want to know how cities will adapt, we can arrange that for you. Or, how parenting will be shaped and how people will navigate in an ever-increasing globalized world? BuT WhAT aBoUt ThE PeOpLE?!? Again, we got you. The 8 study associations (Sarphati, Machiavelli, Pegasus, Comenius, Mercurius, Kwakiutl, Sec and VSPA) of the FMG (Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences) have organized an interdisciplinary congress about all the possibilities and outcomes of our future society.

You can join the different lectures organized by each association, digging deeper in the main topic of the congress from the point of view of the different studies. The event will be followed by a ‘small’ borrel and you can have a drink with other students of the faculty. But worry not, we are all social science students after all.

Opening 17:00-17:20 (Board of directors + Dean) REC C0.01

Round 1 17:30-18:15

Dinner at the Brug 18:30-19:15 (Keynote speaker already giving a short summary!)

Round 2 19:20-20:05

Borrel starting from 20:05 at the brug!!!

So, do you want to know more about the vision of the future, or simply want the thrill of an existential crisis, be sure to join the FMG congress on the on the 12th of March!

Tickets are now on sale:
Time: 17:00
Location: REC
Date: 12th March 2050… uhh 2020
Member price: €5,00 (ticket + dinner and snacks)
Non-member price: €7.00

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