Star Siripanich: Treasurer  2021/2022
Sara Xillo: Secretary 2021/2022

The Acquisition Committee of SEC aims to provide members with opportunities, whether these are in the form of volunteering experiences, career related opportunities, and internships. Together with this, we also start collaborations with other organisations and companies. These collaborations require either financial compensation in exchange of promotion, goodies, discounts on the company/organisation events.

Main Goal
The main goal of this committee is to provide its members with experience in acquisition, by having them contacting and researching organisations that meet the target of SEC, and developing skills that will help them achieving experience.

This year, the committee is focusing on the following tasks:
– Study Summaries Companies
– Establishing Relationships & Network with Non-Profit Organisations
– Volunteering Opportunities
– Career Related Opportunities
– Internships for Students
– Increasing SEC’s budget through paid collaborations

Would you like to start working with us? You can find a sponsor form here or contact us at